Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 26 Episode 1

Mad Feelings (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1995 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: I'm not very good at drawing. I guess it's because I haven't practiced very much. I remember when I was a boy, if I couldn't do something very well and got frustrated about it, I'd go to the piano and tell it with my fingers on the keys.

    • Mr. Rogers: Are there things that make you angry? Do you have ways of showing your anger--ways that don't hurt you or anybody else?

    • Handyman Negri: You're a very wise king, Sire.
      King Friday: I never said I wasn't.

  • Notes

    • Accompanying this week of programs, Family Communications (FCI) released a "Mad Feelings" workshop video, which has been used in numerous FCI-sponsored workshops in the years since 1995.

    • This week of shows has been a mainstay every October. Originally, they aired as part of a PBS Outreach "sweeps" week. All the other PBS Kids series had slapped a mishmash of old programs for use in the sweeps, but Mister Rogers' Neighborhood had totally new output.

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