Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 16 Episode 7

Making and Creating (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1986 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shells peas in the kitchen. This, he says, is one of many things children can do. Chef Brockett calls Rogers to the bakery. He finds Brockett in the kitchen, along with pottery expert Eva Kwong. She and her grandmother show how they make dumplings wrapped in leaves. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin and Queen Sara are crafting a balcony cover at the Castle garden. Edgar Cooke sees the car cover and, thanks to Lady Aberlin, learns the Trolley is inside. Corny shows a cover for one of his rocking chairs. His model 81351 is befitted with a horse cover. (Does that remind you of Corny's "talking horse" from 1972?) He tells Lady Aberlin to take the covered chair to the Museum-Go-Round for Lady Elaine's display. After Lady Aberlin talks with Chef Brockett, the horse-covered chair flies out of Lady Aberlin's hands. It seems attracted to the Tree when Henrietta Pussycat rings her bell (covered in a pea pod), but it cannot be caught. Back at the television house, Rogers hides a tiny bell in one of the empty pea pods, prompting viewers to guess where the bell is. He opens another pea pod to find six peas inside. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Children Can, I'm A Man Who Manufactures, Good Feeling.