Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 17 Episode 12

Making Mistakes (2)

Aired Unknown May 05, 1987 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers demonstrates that some letters look alike. If someone writes d, he can erase only part of it to make a b. Mr. McFeely brings a chalkboard bearing the message "Speedy Delivery," which he erases. Rogers asks where the erased words go, and McFeely shows the chalk dust on his eraser. McFeely also has the corrected animal book. Rogers expects him to have a videotape on how people make erasers. Instead, McFeely has brought the videotape on how people make books (the book made is titled Existence is Beneficial). In the NOM, King Friday XIII meets Audrey Duck. He is convinced that her poem must be outstanding, since it used queens and kings at the end. Audrey is overwhelmed at the suggestion of a poetry reading. Miss Audrey Paulifficate is assigned to invite "the noted world." Lady Aberlin tells Audrey that X wants to print a book of her poem. At the School, Ana mistakenly says that "kangaroo" starts with a C. Audrey Duck feels King Friday XIII has made a mistake in glorifying her poem. Still, she agrees to Chuck Aber taking a photograph signing his autograph book. Back at the Castle, Lady Elaine cannot erase the XIII plaque with her eraser. She and Lady Aberlin see Chuck Aber's photograph and autograph of Audrey Duck. Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely returns with a duck, much to Rogers' delight. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, I Think It's Nice To Be An Audrey, Good Feeling.