Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 17 Episode 12

Making Mistakes (2)

Aired Unknown May 05, 1987 on PBS



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    • Anna: "C" is for "kangaroo."
      Harriet Cow: Umm, not quite, Anna. It sounds like it might be a "C," but "K" is for "kangaroo."
      Anna: Oh, why did I have to make that mistake?
      Harriet Cow: Because you're learning, dear. Everyone makes mistakes as they're learning something. In fact, everybody makes mistakes sometimes.
      Audrey Duck: I think King Friday has made a mistake.
      Prince Tuesday: My daddy doesn't make mistakes.
      Harriet Cow: Oh, Prince Tuesday, your daddy is a human being as well as a king, and all human beings make mistakes once in a while.

    • Lady Aberlin: Even kings can be mistaken about things, sometimes.

    • Lady Elaine: Take it from me, tuts. Even kings make mistakes.
      Mr. Aber: Oh, Lady Elaine, you're a card.
      (Trolley arrives.)
      Lady Elaine: And sometimes I'm right. Not so, Aberlin?
      Lady Aberlin: That's right. Sometimes you're right, Lady Elaine.
      (Trolley stops in front of the three and dings and whistles.)
      Lady Aberlin: You too, Trolley?
      (Trolley dings repeatedly as it leaves.)
      Lady Elaine: Oh, go on, you wheel sport.
      Lady Aberlin: How 'bout that?
      Lady Elaine: Mmm-hmm.

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