Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 17 Episode 13

Making Mistakes (3)

Aired Unknown May 06, 1987 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Mister Rogers' meeting must have been short indeed – and just outside his house. He was gone exactly three minutes and twenty seconds from the time he stepped out the door and came back inside the house.

  • Quotes

    • Daniel: You don't think I'm a mistake?
      Lady Aberlin: You're the tiger I love most in this whole universe.
      Daniel: Oh, thanks, Lady Aberlin. I love you, too.

    • Mr. Skunk: Sometimes I make a bad smell when I'm frightened.
      Handyman Negri: A skunk kind of smell?
      Mr. Skunk: Yes, it just happens naturally when I get startled or sense danger or...well, you know.
      Handyman Negri: I have smelled a skunk kind of smell before.
      Mr. Skunk: It's just part of being a skunk.
      Handyman Negri: I guess all skunks do it sometimes.
      Mr. Skunk: Yes, but when I do it by mistake, I get really ashamed.
      Handyman Negri: What do you mean, by mistake?
      Mr. Skunk: Oh, I mean if I'm playing hide and seek with some friends and somebody jumps out at me and says, "Boo!", well, I might do it and smell up the whole game.

    • King Friday: First, I must ask you a very personal question.
      Mr. Skunk: (warily) Go ahead. You're the king.
      King Friday: I was just wondering, because you're a skunk and all…we wouldn't want anything to, uh, smell up the poetry reading…you know what I mean.
      Mr. Skunk: Oh, I do that only when I'm frightened.

    • Daniel Tiger: I've been wondering…if…I was a mistake.

    • Daniel Tiger: Thanks for being my friend.
      Lady Aberlin: Thank you for being mine!
      Daniel Tiger: It works both ways, doesn't it?
      Lady Aberlin: Good things usually do.

    • (The lyrics to "Sometimes I Wonder if I'm a Mistake")
      Daniel: (Singing his part)
      Sometimes I wonder if I'm a mistake.
      I'm not like anyone else I know.
      When I'm asleep or even awake,
      Sometimes I get to dreaming that I'm just a fake!
      I'm not like anyone else.
      Others I know are big and are wild;
      I'm very small and quite tame.
      Most of the time, I'm weak and I'm mild.
      Do you suppose that's a shame?
      Often I wonder if I'm a mistake--
      I'm not supposed to be scared, am I?
      Sometimes I cry and sometimes I shake,
      Wondering isn't it true that the strong never break?
      I'm not like anyone else I know.
      I'm not like anyone else.
      Lady Aberlin: (Singing her part)

      I think you are just fine as you are.
      I really must tell you.
      I do like the person that you are becoming.
      When you are sleeping,
      When you are waking.
      You are my friend.
      It's really true.
      I like you.
      Crying or shaking,
      Or dreaming or breaking.
      There's no one mistaking it.
      You're my best friend.
      I think you are just fine as you are.
      I really must tell you.
      I do like the person that you are becoming.
      When you are sleeping,
      When you are waking.
      You're not a fake.
      You're no mistake.
      You are my friend.

      (Daniel and Lady Aberlin sing their parts together.)

    • Mr. Rogers: All tigers are different just like all people are different, and there is no person in this whole world who is a mistake. No matter how different that person may seem, each person is fine.

    • Mr. Skunk: Why did Mister Rogers have to go away?
      Chuck Aber: Well, why do you think he did?
      Mr. Skunk: Because he didn't like me?
      Chuck Aber: Oh, no! He likes you a lot, Mr. Skunk.
      Mr. Skunk: Well, then why did he have to leave?
      Chuck Aber: Well, there was something he had to do, and he had to do it by himself.
      Mr. Skunk: But…
      Chuck Aber: But what?
      Mr. Skunk: But, will he ever come back?
      Chuck Aber: Oh, sure he will! He said he would.
      Mr. Skunk: And he always does what he says?
      Chuck Aber: He always tries to.

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