Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 17 Episode 15

Making Mistakes (5)

Aired Unknown May 08, 1987 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers relates a poem, which he gives in song. He calls Chef Brockett, prior to seeing Andy Holiner at the Bakery. After meeting Holiner, Rogers finds Chef Brockett in the kitchen. Brockett cannot make the whipped cream for his upcoming treats, since his bowl is not clean enough and the cream isn't cold. Rogers joins Holiner in the middle of singing She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain for the crowd of children. Andy Holiner also performs This Little Light Of Mine, about the light in people's eyes. Chef Brockett shares his now-remade whipped-cream treat with the children. In the NOM, the Castle is decorated for the poetry reading. King Friday inquires about Audrey's feathers. Mr. Skunk gets an assurance: Miss Paulifficate and Handyman Negri will hold each of his paws to keep him from getting scared. X the Owl arrives with his book, just in time for Audrey Duck to see and for Chuck Aber to read. When everyone assembles, King Friday XIII gives a grand speech to introduce Audrey. He mistakenly calls her Audrey Goose, but quickly attention turns to Audrey Duck's poem. Friday thinks the little poem is the perfect length. Cat-a-Lion arrives late. Back at the television house, Rogers thinks about people taking care of other people (film insert recycled from Show #1520, with the music rearranged). Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, I'm Taking Care Of You, Good Feeling.
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