Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 6 Episode 56

Mixed-Up NOM (1)

Aired Unknown May 07, 1973 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has with him a roll of wall paper that belongs to the McFeelys. He shows wallpaper samples and says that different people like different colors and patterns. When he goes to the McFeely's house, he sees Bob Trow and Mr. McFeely wallpapering the kitchen. Chef Brockett brings refreshments. In the NOM, Lady Elaine decides to change the neighborhood. Using the Boomerang-toomerang-soomerang, she rearranges the locations of the neighbors' homes and adds psychedelic designs. She is the only one who likes the changes. When King Friday orders her to undo the changes, she refuses. Back with Rogers, he says that being prepared for a change makes it easier. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You Are You, Good Feeling.