Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 21 Episode 1

Mouths & Feelings (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1990 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers says three stanzas of Won't You Be My Neighbor? Then he shows a box containing another box with a pushbutton. He pushes the button to play a recorded voice of someone laughing. Some people, he explains, laugh when they hear other people laughing. A phone call from Chef Brockett tells Rogers of "Gingerbread Brocketts," prompting Rogers to visit Brockett's Bakery. Sergio tells Rogers the Spanish verb for "to laugh," before Rogers sees Chef Brockett in the kitchen. The "Gingerbread Brocketts" are gingerbread cookie faces with chef hats. Chef Brockett has decorated each cookie with eyes, nose and hat, but not with a mouth. He tells Rogers that any kind of mouth can go on the cookies to match any emotion. Rogers asks Brockett decorate a laughing mouth on one cookie. After Brockett tells how to work the icing, Rogers draws one cookie with a sad and happy mouth. Brockett then does mouths with bored and surprised looks. Rogers selects the laughing cookie to his television house. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin is bored. She has no job at the Castle. King Friday insists she is important for who she is. Mr. McFeely enters with a package for the NOM Director of Research. That is the job King Friday says is hers. Upon receiving her Director of Research sash, she opens the box. The NOM has been chosen to do laughing research. It centers around a box with a recording of someone laughing. She is to play the recording and note how quickly her neighbors react. Lady Elaine beckons Lady Aberlin over to the Museum. The Director of Research appointment was Lady Elaine's idea. So Lady Aberlin asks her to listen and act naturally. Lady Elaine doesn't laugh quickly, but Chef Brockett does. He offers his Gingerbread Brocketts to both ladies. Back at the television house, Rogers says everyone is different when it comes to things like laughter. A series of strange noises outside leads Rogers to the porch, where Eric Kloss is playing the wind synthesizer. It's set to laughing first. Eric changes the tone to a fanfare, and then to other instruments. Eric's wife stops by to direct him to a class at the school. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You Are Special, Good Feeling.
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