Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 21 Episode 3

Mouths & Feelings (3)

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1990 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a large cylindrical container. Before he shows what it is, he says "a regular-sized one" is in the bathroom. Back to the container: Inside is a huge toothbrush. Rogers takes a phone call from Mr. McFeely, who has a videotape on making toothbrushes. When he arrives, Mr. McFeely has a piece of plastic: 24 toothbrush handles attached. They screen Mr. McFeely's videotape on making toothbrushes. After the screening, Rogers invites Mr. McFeely to feed the fish.
In the NOM, Robert Troll is anxious to see what's inside the laughing box. Lady Aberlin emerges with the box. Among its contents are a tiny toothbrush and the recording of laughter. Queen Sara notices another part of the box. She holds hands with Robert Troll as Lady Aberlin opens that compartment. Inside is a sticker with the letters "UR" and instructions. As the "Ultimate Researcher," Lady Aberlin can change into whatever she always wanted to be, for a limited time only. She puts the UR sticker on her forehead and magically turns into a tiger. This frightens Robert Troll. She wants Queen Sara to keep it a secret while she gauges others' reactions to the new tiger. Handyman Negri learns the truth, and tells Lady Aberlin he will accompany her to the school. Harriet Elizabeth Cow is teaching about tooth care when Handyman Negri arrives. He says he has a tame visitor. Prince Tuesday and Ana are amazed by the large tiger, and want to know where she came from and why she wears a sticker. Daniel asks if she has been in the neighborhood before. He thinks he remembers her. Back at the Castle, King Friday greets Princess Zelda. She is interested in finding out her family history. Handyman Negri and the tiger arrive. Princess Zelda needs Lady Aberlin's help for her research.
Back at the television house, Rogers gets a couple of paper costumes and wears them on his head, one at a time. He then puts on a large coat in reflecting on his boyhood. Wearing that heavy costuming, he sings a new song to explain that the person inside never changes.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Let's Think Of Somethig To Do While We're Waiting, Ana, Prince, And Daniel, I'm Still Myself Inside, Good Feeling.