Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 21 Episode 3

Mouths & Feelings (3)

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1990 on PBS



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    • Harriet Cow: Tooth care is exceedingly important for princes, platypi, tigers, and cows. Any questions?
      Prince Tuesday: I have a question, Miss Cow.
      Harriet Cow: What is it, Prince Tuesday?
      Prince Tuesday: What happens to you if you eat a lot of candy?
      Harriet Cow: Well, you could get a lot of cavities.
      Ana: What are cavities?
      Harriet Cow: They are little holes in your teeth.
      Daniel: And you don't want to have holes in your teeth, do you?
      Harriet Cow: Hmm, I know I don't. How about you, class?
      Ana, Prince Tuesday, and Daniel: Oh, no.
      Harriet Cow: I didn't think so.
      Prince Tuesday: I don't, either.

    • Mr. Rogers: Do you think fish have teeth?
      Mr. McFeely: I think some fish do.
      Mr. Rogers: I wonder how they keep them clean.
      Mr. McFeely: Maybe by swimming through the water. That would be one way they keep them clean.

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