Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 15 Episode 13

Music (3)

Aired Unknown May 15, 1985 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a music box of a ballerina dancing to "The Blue Danube." He takes a phone call from Ella Jenkins. She and Chuck Aber will arrive in a few minutes to show some hand rhythms. Jenkins starts with "One Potato, Two Potato." Aber does a brief stint of "Hambone."  Jenkins leads a full round of "Head and Shoulders."

In the NOM, Lady Aberlin is zipping Miss Paulifficate into a bass violin costume. She is not sure what King Friday will say about her bass violin tap dance. Lady Aberlin is also worried how King Friday will react to this and her dancing with a bass violin. Daniel sees Lady Aberlin's dance. She tells Daniel her troubles with the Bass Violin Festival, how she could work around them, and that she hasn't told the King. Daniel asks that Lady Aberlin tell King Friday the truth, so that she doesn't have to worry about it. It's a rare moment: Daniel is helping Lady Aberlin feel better. Lady Aberlin goes to the telecan, calling Miss Paulifficate in advance of a meeting with King Friday. Chuck Aber invites Lady Aberlin to Southwood. There, James Michael Jones and Keith David are working bass violin puppets. Both men hide so that only the puppets can be seen. Aber and Lady Aberlin greet the puppets, called Jimmy Bass Violin and Keith Bass Violin. Betty Okonak Templeton has bells for the puppets. Jones and Keith David explain they will do a puppet show for the festival, and Betty will sing a song about the bass violet. Lady Aberlin admits no one has told King Friday about these novel ideas. She leaves with everyone's blessing. Back at the Castle, Miss Paulifficate tries to tell King Friday her costume is a sweater. Lady Aberlin tells the King her bass violin dance idea. He approves it and all the other creative ideas, so long as people do not hurt bass violins or themselves. Daniel appears at the Castle to hear Lady Aberlin has told the truth.

Back at the television house, Rogers says he is still discovering the truth about himself. He takes a phone call from Sam, a tuba player, whom he will visit tomorrow. Songs: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?", "You Are Special", "Be Brave And Then Be Strong," "The Truth Will Make You Free," "Good Feeling."