Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 15 Episode 14

Music (4)

Aired Unknown May 16, 1985 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shows pictures of brass instruments: tuba, French horn, trumpet, and slide trombone. He singles out the tuba, an instrument Sam Pilafian plays. Rogers visits Pilafian at his apartment. Sam plays a few selections, explaining it takes a lot of air to play songs on the tuba. He also shows the tuba's big mouthpiece. Rogers tries to play the tuba. Dave Ohanian enters with his French horn. They play a Handel Piece together. All three go to another house to meet trumpeters Rolf and Charles. Both show that a trumpet's mouthpiece is much smaller than a tuba's mouthpiece. All four play a selection from Handel's Water Music. Finally, Scott enters with his slide trombone. Together they form the Empire Brass Quintet, playing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. They explain the details of the Albinoni fugue they are rehearsing. Rogers tape-records their fugue. Rolf switches to a flugelhorn to join the others in David Chesky's Central Park Morning. When Rogers is ready to leave, the quintet plays Stars And Stripes Forever, explaining their need to count off a cue before doing a song. Back at the television house, Rogers plays back the tape, finding a section of Stars And Stripes Forever. In the NOM, the Castle is getting decorated for the Bass-Violin Festival. The King asks for his fanfare players. After they give a fanfare, the players don bass violin hats. Each speaks one word of three-word sentences , explaining they play together, but speak separately. King Friday, Handyman Negri and Lady Aberlin try to talk about different things at the same time. Back at the television house, Rogers makes a paper cone hat. He recalls how he used to have parades in his house. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Good Feeling.
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