Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 18 Episode 6

Nighttime (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 1988 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a flashlight, which he best demonstrates after closing all the curtains and blinds, turning off Picture-Picture and the traffic light. He pulls out the sofa bed to simulate nighttime, even bringing out a pillow. Then he gets a wrong number on the telephone. Mr. McFeely visits, surprised by the darkness of the room. He has an audio cassette called Sounds of the Night, which he says he has heard (we never get to hear it) and a videotape on how people make flashlights.
It's nighttime in the NOM, and King Friday and Handyman Negri play a musical duet to welcome it. Lady Aberlin seeks Handyman Negri for batteries to put in her flashlight. Once the batteries are in, Lady Aberlin runs off to comfort X. Inside the Tree (Lady Aberlin enters through the back door), X expresses his opinion that he doesn't like Lady Elaine showing up in his Tree unexpectedly. In the midst of their dialogue, Lady Elaine lets it slip that she told her neighbors, "there are falling stars." Lady Aberlin has to comfort a worried Daniel. Handyman Negri drops by the Clock to perform a lullaby for Daniel.
Back at the television house, Rogers readjusts the blinds, sofa, Picture-Picture, and traffic light. He gets a phone call from representative from Russia, saying that a Russian children's TV personality will visit later in the week.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Good Feeling.
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