Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 18 Episode 7

Nighttime (2)

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1988 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shows a drawing of the night sky, replete with stars. He flips a cutout of the daytime sky to emphasize a point: all the stars are in the sky all the time, even though we cannot see them. In the kitchen, Rogers cuts a star out of paper and tapes a string to the star. Then he begins his reflection of his visit to Moscow. He uses a globe to show Russia's place on the Earth in relation to the United States. The video insert starts with Rogers looking in amazement at colorful St. Basil's, which reminds him of NOM. He shows Daniel Tiger to a group of Russian children that afternoon. After sunset, Rogers enters the Russian TV studios for his appearance on Good Night, Little Ones, a Russian program hosted by Tatiana Vedeneeva. He meets translator Nona Perez and then sees Tatiana and director Victor Spiridonov in the studio. Tatiana shows Rogers a piano, and he proceeds to play Won't You Be My Neighbor? in Russian. Then Tatiana introduces Gallia, the show's resident puppeteer, who works a pig named Khrusha. Rogers shows her Daniel Tiger. The program Good Night, Little Ones begins, and in short order, Rogers appears on camera with Tatiana. He and Daniel share their friendship on-air with Tatiana and Khrusha. After the broadcast, Rogers gives the staff MRN T-shirts with the Neighborhood Trolley on them. In the NOM, Daniel and Lady Aberlin discuss the stars in the sky. They compare the day and night, agreeing that everyone needs sleep. A paper star attached to a string flies toward the Clock. Lady Aberlin insists it's a prank, and goes to see who is responsible. Chuck Aber is working the star on a fishing pole, at Lady Elaine's request. Lady Aberlin quickly wards Lady Elaine from this trickery. Within a minute, Lady Elaine gives telescopes to Chuck Aber and Lady Aberlin. Aber shares with Lady Elaine a look through his telescope. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You Are Special (final verse), Good Feeling.