Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 18 Episode 7

Nighttime (2)

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1988 on PBS



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    • Daniel: It's certainly puzzling, isn't it?
      Lady Aberlin: What, Daniel?
      Daniel: That we can see the stars only at night.
      Lady Aberlin: But they are still up there in the day, even though we can't see them.
      Daniel: But what if it were daytime all the time?
      Lady Aberlin: What do you think that would be like?
      Daniel: Well, we'd be able to play and never have to go to bed. But I guess we'd never see the stars.
      Lady Aberlin: No, we wouldn't. And we stayed up all the time, we'd be so tired after a while. We wouldn't even feel like playing.
      Daniel: You mean everybody needs to sleep?
      Lady Aberlin: Yes, some of the time. Everybody needs to sleep.
      Daniel: I see. There are so many things to wonder about.

    • Mr. Rogers: Did you ever see the sky in the nighttime? Did you ever see the stars in the sky or the moon? And if you did, did you look at that same sky in the daytime and wonder where those stars and that moon were hiding? Well, the stars and the moon are still in the sky in the daytime, even if we can't see them.

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