Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 15 Episode 6

No and Yes (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1985 on PBS

Episode Recap

1541: No and Yes, Part One (first aired Feb. 4, 1985) Summary: Picture-Picture says "Hi" as Rogers thinks of going away and coming back. He plays peekaboo, but with a twist, producing a portrait of his father. The portrait was the work of Dianne Dengel, who uses no paintbrushes. Rogers visits Dianne at her studio. Rogers discovers that she makes dolls for a living. The dolls' faces are painted in oils, much the way she will do the portrait of Rogers. Dianne applied paint with rolled-up bits of newspaper. As she paints, she explains that as a young girl, she could not afford paintbrushes, which led her to her current technique. She only goes as far as Rogers' forehead and eyes. The rest of the painting will be done when Rogers is away. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin and King Friday are awaiting Mr. McFeely' to deliver a portrait. Friday was amazed at how one James Michael Jones just measured a subject in preparation for his portrait. Mr. McFeely arrives, bringing James Michael Jones with him. Lady Aberlin opens the portrait – really a mirror. All complement James Michael Jones for his "Exactly Like Me" portraits. Jones says he has been living in Glassland but is moving to Southwood next week. Lady Aberlin brings Jones to the Museum to meet Lady Elaine Fairchilde. When she mentions Betty Okonak Templeton, James is astonished. They had met weeks before, at which time he gave her an "Exactly Like Me" portrait. Lady Elaine takes a call from Betty Okonak Templeton, who is going to marry James. She has named Lady Aberlin and Lady Elaine bridesmaids. Henrietta Pussycat tells Lady Aberlin about the wedding plans, and that Betty Okonak Templeton has named Henrietta to be the flower girl. Back at the television house, Rogers remembers the many times children at school would dress up for pretend weddings. Rogers leaves the portrait of his father at the bench so that he can prepare it to the portrait under development. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Everybody's Fancy, It's You I Like, Good Feeling.
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