Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 15 Episode 7

No and Yes (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1985 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a pot of flowers. He remembers that, as a boy, he had picked a flower from a neighbor's yard without the neighbor's permission. It was an important lesson to him about what he could or could not do. Mr. McFeely arrives with the delivery Rogers had asked for a while ago. It's a film (video, really) on how people make tricycles.
In the NOM, Prince Tuesday tries to sit on King Friday's large tricycle, but falls. As a punishment, he is not to spend any time outside his room once school ends. King Friday explains the punishment order to Handyman Negri. Betty Okonak Templeton asks King Friday to act as the justice of the peace for the wedding at Southwood. She also wants to discuss something with Prince Tuesday, but King Friday implores her to wait. Lady Aberlin explains that Daniel will be the ring bearer. Handyman Negri agrees to go to the school to see how Daniel is practicing. He is reluctant to practice, making Ana eager to take his place. At the Museum-Go-Round, Lady Elaine helps Betty and Lady Aberlin choose the flowers for the wedding.
Back at the television house, Rogers takes a phone call from Dianne Dengel. She has finished her portrait of him. He goes to her house and is surprised to see she has included six NOM characters and the Trolley in the portrait. Rogers returns to his television house to compare his portrait to his father's.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Look And Listen, We Welcome You Today (among other words, "happy school" substituted for "neighborhood"), Always A Bridesmaid, Good Feeling.
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