Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 15 Episode 7

No and Yes (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1985 on PBS



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    • King Friday: Tuesday, I thought you were on your way to school.
      Prince Tuesday: (Crying) I was, Daddy, but I saw your large tricycle. Well, I just sat on it and I fell.
      King Friday: You know I told you that you're not to use my large tricycle, Tuesday.
      Prince Tuesday: I know.
      King Friday: It's not your size and it could be dangerous. Now what did I do last time you rode my tricycle?
      Prince Tuesday: You sent me to my room.
      King Friday: And so, you will do the same.
      Prince Tuesday: But I have to go to school.
      King Friday: You will go to your room immediately after school.
      Prince Tuesday: Oh, that really makes me angry!
      King Friday: And it makes me angry when you do things that could hurt you. Now off to school with you.
      Prince Tuesday: OK.

    • Mr. Rogers: Does your mother or father tell you, "You can never ride your tricycle in the street?" Do they sometimes get angry when they think you might go in the street? Well, they say "No!" about that because they care about you so much, and they don't want you to get hurt.

    • Mr. Rogers: Once when I was a boy, I was outside playing and I picked a flower from a neighbor's garden. I didn't know that you're not supposed to do that. It just looked so pretty to me that I wanted to give it to my mother. Well, when I gave the flower to her, she asked me where I had found it. I told her that I picked it from our neighbor's garden, and she said nobody but our neighbor was allowed to do that. That was a "No!" for me. After that, I'd look at those flowers and think, "No, can't pick them." I could look at them though, and they were still beautiful to look at, even if I couldn't have them.

  • Notes

    • In this episode, Mr. McFeely peruses through his list of other deliveries to three families: Warninsky, Vogel, and Costa. These are subtle hints to the men who were, respectively, the show's lighting director, a principal studio cameraman, and music director for years.

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