Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 29 Episode 5

Noisy and Quiet (5)

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1999 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a bag full of three noisemakers. He asks, "Can you imagine what a quiet-maker would look like?" Then he produces a tape recorder, with which he records a clicking noisemaker. He plays a separate tape of other noises (e.g. birdsong, car starting, waves crashing, the F-sharp bell). Chuck Aber interrupts the proceedings with his visit. He is dressed as a bandleader for today's parade. Rogers gives him a noisemaker, in return for which Aber gives sign language for "noisy" and "quiet." He sings and signs "Your Smile's Your Style" (à la Maggie Stewart). Rogers, after playing parade music, reminds us smiles are quiet. He produces a book of "Smiles" (not available anywhere). In the book, he displays smiling photographs, with their eyes and noses obscured by colored paper. Of great significance is that the book features the last photo of Robert Earl Trow. In the NOM, the Trolley gets befitted with a bell-and-antenna headgear for the disguise-o-rama parade. Prince Tuesday gives a tape recording to Aber. On it, various puppets give a few comforting words to X and Henrietta. Aber and Lady Aberlin record their own messages as well. Lady Aberlin gives the tape to Lady Elaine at the Museum-Go-Round. It works. X and Henrietta see a comforting Lady Aberlin and Chuck Aber standing by their recorded word. Everyone (except for Bob Dog, God rest his soul) gathers at the Castle to start the parade. Back in the television house, Marilyn Barnett interrupts another of Rogers' quiet times to do quiet exercises. They alter their first quiet exercise by clapping rhythmically. Before Barnett leaves, she records a few kind words on Rogers' tape. His closing statement: There are a lot of ways to remember people. This show is dedicated to the memory of Bob Trow. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Your Smile's Your Style, Parade Instrumental, Let's Think Of Something To Do While We're Waiting, Good Feeling.