Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 12 Episode 8

Pets (1)

Aired Unknown May 31, 1982 on PBS

Episode Recap

Picture-Picture says "Hi" as Rogers walks in with a toy pig. A friend called Adelia Moore made it for her children. Even though she didn't know how to make a stuffed animal, she tried it out. Rogers visits Adelia's house. She presents to Rogers a good deal of the material she has used for stuffed animals. Adelia is working on a stuffed rabbit. Rogers helps Adelia finish the toy. She shows a Peter Rabbit yarnwork her mother had made for her, as well as Adelia's quilts. Rogers helps Adelia stuff one of her gingerbread dolls. She also makes a spinner out of a button and two long pieces of thread. That spinner is a present for Rogers. Back at his television house, Rogers says people can have great fun with the simplest things. He shows a film of a family celebrating a doll's 100th birthday. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin is at the Tree. She and Henrietta are stuffing a doll for Ana Platypus's birthday. X asks them to stuff a pillowcase. Bob Dog drops by. He thinks the doll resembles a duck. Lady Aberlin tells him it's supposed to resemble Ana. Bob Dog asks Lady Aberlin to make a dog doll for him some day. At the Museum, Lady Elaine has sewn together a hat made of buttons for Ana. Daniel visits, asking Lady Elaine for wood with which he can build his gift for Ana: a super-electric firemobile. The blueprint for the toy is very sophisticated. Daniel doesn't know how to build it, but he believes he can do it by himself. Lady Aberlin greets Elsie Jean at the Castle. She is unsure what to give Ana for her birthday, and worries if she can't get what Ana asks for. Back at the television house, Rogers says that parents may not understand what their children want for their birthdays, and that sometimes children ask for something too expensive. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Give Me A Hat, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (the feeding way), Good Feeling.
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