Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 12 Episode 8

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Aired Unknown May 31, 1982 on PBS



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    • Mister Rogers: If you were going to make a present for someone, what would you make for them? Whatever it would be, it would be special and it would be your way of saying, "I care about you."

    • Mister Rogers: Mothers and fathers love their children, and giving them presents can be a happy thing. But parents sometimes don't understand what their child really wants, especially if their child doesn't tell them.

    • Elsie Jean: I don't know what to give Anna, Lady Aberlin.
      Lady Aberlin: Oh, Elsie Jean, I never thought--
      Elsie Jean: Mothers and fathers think about their children's birthdays all year long, but it's...it's still so hard to know what to give them.
      Lady Aberlin: Well, what does she want? Have you asked her?
      Elsie Jean: Well, what if I can't give her what she asks for?
      Lady Aberlin: Nobody can give everybody everything they want. But don't you suppose she would like a lot of different things?
      Elsie Jean: Why, yes of course, she must. I may have to talk to her about it.

    • Mister Rogers: Mothers and fathers and children often just decide to try things out, and they often have lots of fun when they do.

  • Notes

    • This was the only show in the "modern era" (Aug. 1979-Aug. 2001) which hinted to the old song Ornithorhynchus anatinus, first performed in 1970.

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