Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 12 Episode 10

Pets (3)

Aired Unknown Jun 02, 1982 on PBS

Episode Recap

1498: Pets, Part Three (first aired June 2, 1982)
Today is the day Bob Trow is to bring his dog, Barney, for Rogers to take care of for the night. Rogers swings on his porch in waiting for Trow. Mrs. McFeely stops by. She has been riding a tricycle with a parrot called Daisy in the back. She explains that it takes a long time for parrots to talk. Then she gives Daisy a grape, which she eats in an unusual way (she doesn't eat the outside). Rogers tells Mrs. McFeely that Barney hasn't arrived yet. Just after Mrs. McFeely leaves, Bob Trow stops in with Barney. Trow tells Rogers what makes Barney happy, drops off some dog treats, and leaves. Rogers shows Barney around the television house and gives Barney a treat.
In the NOM, Bob Dog decides to have a picture of him taken as a gift for Ana. Daniel brushes him, but Bob Dog feels something is missing: a bow. Daniel gives him a large bow. When Bob Dog asks Daniel how he is going with his firemobile, Daniel shows the heap of wood parts slapped together. At first Daniel wants to throw it away because it doesn't look like Daniel's intended truck in the picture, but he realizes the real truck doesn't have to look like the picture. He agrees to seek Handyman Negri and Corny to help him make the truck. Lady Aberlin ties the bow to Bob Dog and gives him a bowler hat as well. She takes two pictures of him. King Friday alerts them a perch in the Castle garden is for a parrot he thinks is for Ana, and which he expects will talk. Mr. McFeely brings the parrot, which has a mind and mouth of its own and will not say what the King commands. Even though Mr. McFeely tries to teach the parrot to say "Correct as usual," he gives up and sends the parrot back. King Friday calls for his reliable Troglodytes Aedon. Lady Aberlin decides the perch would work best as a swing for Ana.
Back at the television house, Barney is lying down. Rogers leads him to the kitchen, allowing Barney to lie on a blanket under the kitchen table. Mr. McFeely drops by, sees Barney, and asks about the parrot that Mrs. McFeely had brought. He shows a styrofoam lizard on a leash. It's a delivery for a friend.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, It's A Perfectly Beautiful Day For Playing, Troglodytes Aedon, I'm Interested In Things, Good Feeling.
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