Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 13

Play (1)

Aired Unknown Jul 20, 1981 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has brought his ventriloquist's dummy, Hischer Booptrunk. He shows the controls that operate Hischer's mouth, eyes, and eyelids. Mr. McFeely rides by on his new tricycle. It has a delivery for someone who has returned from the hospital: a walker. Mr. McFeely explains that the man had fallen in a work accident. Rogers uses Hischer to imagine someone falling down.

In the NOM, Queen Sara throws a ball for Bob Dog to fetch. Handyman Negri climbs a ladder while cleaning parts of the Castle. Bob Dog takes a call from X the Owl, who wants him to retrieve a ball. Bob Dog asks to borrow Handyman Negri's ladder. At the Tree, Bob Dog climbs to the top rung on the ladder to get the ball, but he falls down. X calls Henrietta for help. She gets dressed up in play-doctor's clothes. X alerts Dr. Bill of the accident at his office in the Eiffel Tower. At the Castle, X informs Handyman Negri. He and Mr. McFeely help Bob Dog to the hospital. When King Friday hears of the accident, he decides it was because there has been a lot of playing. Thus he rules that there will be no more play in the NOM to prevent, he thinks, further accidents.
Back at the television house, Rogers points out immediately that play is necessary for growing, learning, and managing feelings. He shows a wooden toy tractor, which he rides, and wants to show people make such toys (video insert).

Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Please Don't Think It's Funny, Pretending, Good Feeling.