Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 13

Play (1)

Aired Unknown Jul 20, 1981 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • Queen Sarah: Oh, poor Bob Dog. I'm so sorry you're hurt.
      (Bob Dog howls.)
      Queen Sarah: Well, of course. But we'll take good care of you.
      King Friday: And I'm going to see that there will be no further accidents. I now make a new rule: there will be no more play in this Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
      Mr. McFeely and Handyman Negri: No more play?!
      Handyman Negri: King Friday, I mean--
      King Friday: Uh, no more play. Nobody may play anything anymore.
      Queen Sara: Oh, but Friday, that would be just impossible.
      King Friday: I will not have anymore foolishness, causing accidents. Is that understood?
      Mr. McFeely and Handyman Negri: Yes, King Friday.
      King Friday: And is it understood that there will be no more play in this neighborhood?
      Mr. McFeely and Handyman Negri: Yes, sire.
      Queen Sara: Friday, we'll talk more about that anon.
      Handyman Negri: In the meantime, I think we should get over to the hospital.
      King Friday: Uh, you may exit, but remember the rule.
      Handyman Negri: Eh, yes. Yes, sire.
      Queen Sara: Well, of course you're sorry, dear. We'll work everything out.
      King Friday: You won't change my mind.
      Mr. McFeely: Well, here we go to the dog hospital. (he and Handyman Negri leave with Bob Dog.)
      King Friday: And remember, no more play!
      Handyman Negri: Yes. Yes, King Friday.
      (Trolley comes by.)
      Queen Sara: Why, Friday, that's just impossible that--
      King Friday: Uh, not so playful with your running, Trolley!
      (Trolley dings once and whistles three times.)
      King Friday: No more play in this neighborhood!

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