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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 14

Play (2)

Aired Unknown Jul 21, 1981 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: You and I can pretend anything we want, because we live in neighborhoods where we're allowed to pretend and play.

    • Lady Aberlin: Where are you going?
      Lady Elaine: I'm not sure, but I'm going!
      Lady Aberlin: But you can't just pick up and leave in two minutes like that!
      Lady Elaine: That's what you think! I do not stay in a neighborhood where there is no play! Boomerang, toomerang, soomerang! (She and the museum-go-round magically disappear.)
      Lady Aberlin: Oh! she really did go! Where do you suppose she's gone?!

    • Lady Elaine: Come on out, Friday! I need to speak with you!
      King Friday: What's going on here?
      Lady Elaine: I don't like your new rule.
      King Friday: It's for everyone's safety.
      Lady Elaine: You just can't cut out play. Practically everything in my museum-go-round is play, and I'm not going to cut it out!
      King Friday: No play allowed in this neighborhood!
      Lady Elaine: Are you sure about that?
      King Friday: Absolutely sure.
      Lady Elaine: Well then, I'm leaving.
      King Friday: What do you mean, Fairchild?
      Lady Elaine: I mean, I can't live where there's no play.
      Lady Aberlin: You mean you're just going to...take off?
      Lady Elaine: I'm leaving, museum-go-round and all! (To King Friday) If you ever have play again here, I may come back. Toot toot! (She vanishes.)

    • Lady Aberlin: Oh, Uncle Friday. You're making everything so dull with your "No Play Allowed" rule.
      King Friday: Dull and safe.

    • Mr. Rogers: When I was a little boy, I used to play with puppets and toy cars and trucks and all sizes of blocks, and I used to make up all kinds of pretend stories. I guess playing like that helps me make up stories for our Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

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