Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 15

Play (3)

Aired Unknown Jul 22, 1981 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a box with its lid taped shut. He uses the scissors with rounded ends (the only pair he could use as a boy) to cut the tape. He takes the opened box to the kitchen. The box has a pair of paper cups, two spools, a paper plate, string, a roll of tape, and a tongue depressor. He uses these things to make models of playground equipment, such as a see-saw and a swinging tire.
In the NOM, King Friday is determined to find Lady Elaine and has Handyman Negri call Officer Clemmons to help search for her. He is also adamant on his no-play rule. Lady Aberlin wants King Friday to see that Bob Dog is getting better. Bob Dog does a bit of a dance, but King Friday stops him. "Dancing is play," he says, and the rule stays. Friday leaves to see that no one in the NOM is playing. Lady Aberlin tells Bob Dog about Lady Elaine's move the day before. Both go to where the Museum-Go-Round used to be – and find a playground. The children are playing, and wondering what kind of play Lady Elaine may be up to. Lady Elaine is playing with Barbara in the remote play park. During a game of hide-and-seek, Officer Clemmons asks Lady Elaine to return to the NOM. She will not return until she is sure King Friday has changed the rule. Back at the NOM, Lady Aberlin joins in the children's play. Friday arrives unannounced. Prince Tuesday speaks for everyone when he tells King Friday the unworkable side of the no-play rule. All agree with Tuesday. King Friday reluctantly leaves to ponder the discussion.
Back at the television house, Rogers takes a phone call from Joe Negri, inviting him to the Music Shop. Rogers goes to the rehearsal hall to see Lou Schreiber, a blind musician. He dispels the suggestion that blind people hear more than those with better vision, and explains what obstacle perception is. With Negri on guitar and John Costa on piano, Schreiber plays Good Feeling on the flute and then the clarinet. Then Costa and Schreiber play Fascinatin' Rhythm on the piano together. Back at the television house, Rogers explains that people of all ages play.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Everybody's Fancy, It's A Perfectly Beautiful Day For Playing, Good Feeling.