Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 15

Play (3)

Aired Unknown Jul 22, 1981 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: You can make up your own stories about the Neighborhood of Make-Believe or your own neighborhood. It's fun to use your imagination, isn't it? That's play, too--some of the best kind.

    • Mr. Rogers: It's not just children that play. Older people play--sometimes play alone, and sometimes play together.

    • Mr. Rogers: When you've lost something or someone, or when you're missing someone, like Ana was missing Lady Elaine, you feel sad and you need to play.

    • King Friday: What do you have to say for yourself, son?
      Prince Tuesday: Well, what I have to say is for all of us, Daddy.
      King Friday: Yes?
      Prince Tuesday: Most of your rules are very good. We know that you make them to help us.
      King Friday: Yes?
      Prince Tuesday: But...but this rule about not allowing anybody to play is not a good rule.
      King Friday: Why--
      Prince Tuesday: We all need to play. We all miss Auntie Elaine and her museum-go-round.
      Ana: We just had to play about that.
      Prince Tuesday: So, we're going to find some way to do it, no matter what.
      King Friday: Why, Prince Tuesday, how dare you?!
      Prince Tuesday: I dare because I know that we are right. People need to play, Daddy. People really do.

    • King Friday: (Watching Bob Dog dancing around) Dancing is play, Bob Dog, and there is no play allowed in this neighborhood.
      Lady Aberlin: But, Uncle Friday, I thought that as soon as Bob Dog got better, the neighbors would be able to play again.
      King Friday: Uh, we do not want any further accidents.
      Bob Dog: But...but...but, King Friday, I'm lots and lots and lots better.
      King Friday: It matters not. The rule remains, "No Play Allowed." Hmm!
      Bob Dog: Oh.
      King Friday: I must make a tour of the neighborhood to make sure that there is no playing. Farewell to you both.
      Lady Aberlin and Bob Dog: (Disappointedly) Farewell.
      Lady Aberlin: Oh, Bob Dog, what are we going to do?
      Bob Dog: Hmm.
      Lady Aberlin: A neighborhood can't live long without play.
      Bob Dog: I know, and I'm very sorry.

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    • If you look closely behind the tree you can see a moniter that is used when the Museum Go Round is normally there

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