Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 16

Play (4)

Aired Unknown Jul 23, 1981 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers arrives with a suitcase in which a coronet sits. He has been trying to play the coronet, and demonstrates. Then he goes to the piano, which he had begun playing at the age of five. He tries to play the coronet and piano at the same time. Mr. McFeely arrives on his way to the Moonlight Mushroom place. He calls to allow Rogers a tour of the mushroom caves. Rogers tells the secretary about his trumpet [sic]. Margo provides Rogers and McFeely with hardhats bearing lights. They go underground into the limestone cave, where Rogers tries his coronet. Margo shows a sample of soil in which the mushrooms grow. All meet Carol Wolfe, who is watering the soil. At another stop, Margo introduces Rogers and McFeely to Pat Meckling, one of those picking mushrooms. Returning to ground level, Margo shows Rogers and McFeely the packing area, where packages of mushrooms are weighed, wrapped, and labeled. Back at the reception area, Becky gives Rogers and McFeely a package of mushrooms.
In the NOM, Lady Aberlin pretends to be a mushroom growing slowly. King Friday arrives unannounced. He doesn't like not having his fanfare. Nor does he care for Lady Aberlin playing about mushrooms. Purple Panda appears, dressed in snorkel, face mask, and swimming trunks. When King Friday tells him of the no-play rule, Purple Panda doesn't like the rule and disappears. Officer Clemmons says Lady Elaine will not return until King Friday changes the rule. At Friday's request, the Court Musicians explain why they haven't done a fanfare: they thought it was play. Friday plays a fanfare to precede the Court Musicians' fanfare. Then King Friday announces that play is allowed in the NOM, to everyone's delight. All one has to keep in mind is to be careful with their play.
Back at the television house, Rogers explains that King Friday is a caring person, one who could understand that he was wrong.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Sometimes People Are Good, Good Feeling.