Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 17 Episode 1

Playthings (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1986 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a gymnast toy that isn't working. He goes to the kitchen to find a tack that will fit in one arm of the toy. He then sees Chainey Umphrey at the gym. Umphrey, resin on his hands, does gymnastics on the pommel horse and the parallel bars. Rogers plays a tape of music while Umphrey does a floor-mat routine. Both find Chuck Aber working on the possibility of a gymnastic elephant toy. Umphrey swings on the high bar with Aber spotting him. Back at the television house, Rogers talks of the importance of a good teacher. In the NOM, King Friday XIII talks with Chuck Aber, who is making his H.J. Elephant III do a somersault. The King hints to the only elephant gymnastics toy in the world. It's in the Museum-Go-Round. Aber, as H.J. Elephant III, holds a conversation with King Friday. Queen Sara talks to H.J. before beckoning Friday to another decree. Aber meets Mr. McFeely en route to a delivery to the Museum-Go-Round. This one is a Lady Elaine ladder toy. The figure of Lady Elaine goes to the top rung of the ladder, and it turns upside-down several times as it descends. Aber talks of his H.J. Elephant puppet. When he mentions the elephant gymnast toy, Lady Elaine says that toy is locked in a room that no one has entered. She has not been allowed to enter that room, under the rules of National Playthings Reserve. Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely brings four letters—the O, X, I, and H—which look the same forwards, backwards, and upside-down. At Rogers' request, Mr. McFeely recalls the toys he played with as a child, such as a train set. Rogers loans him the gymnast toy to share with his grandchildren. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Let's Think Of Something To Do While We're Waiting, Good Feeling.