Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 17 Episode 4

Playthings (4)

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1986 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a toy piano, much like the one he played as a child. Mr. McFeely brings a large box with empty cartons. Rogers uses those cartons to simulate the usual six NOM landmarks (the Eiffel Tower is ignored again, even though he has extra containers). In the NOM , Lady Aberlin holds the master make-believe key and has it fly at X's behest. X wants to open Henrietta's door with the key, but Lady Aberlin insists they ask Henrietta first. The key works, opening the door to Henrietta's house and X's knothole. H.J. Elephant greets Lady Aberlin at the Museum-Go-Round. They hear Ana Platypus crying, since she wanted a bike and her parents couldn't afford it. Dr. Bill says it's a matter of money, not a matter of love. Lady Aberlin invites Ana to the Museum-Go-Round. Once there, H.J. Elephant shows them a note from Lady Elaine, saying she is spending the day in Southwood, and that no one can use the master make-believe key until she gets back. All three express their feelings about waiting to Chuck Aber. They spend the next few seconds dancing. Back at the television house, Rogers returns the toy piano to Negri's Music Shop. Joe Negri shows a few other toy musical instruments. He leads Rogers to the back room, where Bob Rawsthorne has some real instruments that look like toys. Among the instruments are a guiro (scratcher), a tubo (shaker) and a cabasa. Rawsthorne tells how he made a shaker out of a potato chip canister. The three play a crazy-instruments trio number, with Rawsthorne on the stump fiddle. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You've Got To Do It, Good Feeling.