Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 30 Episode 7

Ready to Read? (2)

Aired Unknown Aug 29, 2000 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with a magnifying glass, which he uses to make things look bigger. When he puts it over the Japanese print on the cover of a book, it does not help to read what one can't understand. A phone call from Joe Negri prompts Rogers to the Music Shop to hear guitarist Manuel Barrueco. Manuel performs a jig by Bach, a Spanish piece called La Compasa, and (accompanied by Negri) You Are Special. Tony Chiroldes makes a surprise visit (his only appearance in the real neighborhood outside his toy-and-book store). He shows his newest toy: a kazoo designed to look like a trombone. Back at the television house, Rogers performs You Are Special on his piano. He uses his magnifying glass on the Trolley. In the NOM, Queen Sara surprises HulaMouse with her little painting of a guitar and three hula hoops. Sara tells him to look carefully at the painting to discover more detail. King Friday XIII orders HulaMouse to go to the factory to see if Corny has completed the device that can look inside things. HulaMouse and Chuck Aber go together to the Factory. Corny gives them the best he has come up with so far: a magnifying glass. Using it, HulaMouse discovers "HM" printed in three places throughout Sara's painting. Chuck Aber is to deliver something to Lady Elaine (they drop it off behind the wall of the Museum-Go-Round). Back at the television house, Rogers uses the magnifying glass on the miniature Trolley. Mr. McFeely arrives, pleased since he has bought Tony's kazoo. McFeely uses it in a duet of Speedy Delivery To You. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You Are Special, Look And Listen, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), Good Feeling.