Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 30 Episode 8

Ready to Read? (3)

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 2000 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings in a piece of wood that he had been working on. He uses a magic marker to color the raised portions of the wood. The colored sections form the borders of the word "fish." Rogers compares fish to ballet dancers and goes to a ballet rehearsal hall. There he meets Ying Li and her instructor. Ying Li invites Rogers to a few steps. While Ying prepares herself for her next rehearsal, Rogers talks with her instructor and piano accompanist. Ying returns with a flowing scarf, which she uses in performing Ondine. After the dance, Ying's husband, Jaibin, teams with her in a dance set to a Beethoven sonata. Back at the television house, Rogers waves a piece of blue wrapping tissue to simulate the sea. He then puts the block reading "fish" under the tissue to imagine a fish swimming in the sea. In the NOM, Miss Paulifficate must explain to King Friday XIII why she is dressed as a fish. She is helping Lady Elaine and Lady Aberlin for a new game show being staged at the Museum-Go-Round. (o-o: Rogers gave away the plot of today's NOM before it was established.) Lady Elaine wants H.J. Elephant III and Prince Tuesday to appear in the premiere of "The Reading Game." When the Museum is clear, H.J. Elephant III pops up. He confides to the viewers that he does not know how to read well. Lady Aberlin, in her search for H.J., stops at the Factory. Corny has completed the device for looking inside things. Lady Aberlin tests it first on the Factory and then on her heart. At the Castle, she puts the device to Miss Paulifficate's fish costume and sees a picture of Miss P. in her customary blue outfit. Miss Paulifficate suggests the device could be used to find H.J. Elephant III. Back at the television house, Rogers recites a poem (over several illustrations) of what people have in common in spite of their differences. Songs: Wom't You Be My Neighbor?, Man Who Manufactures, Good Feeling.