Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 9 Episode 3

Remembering (3)

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1976 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has borrowed the cape Margaret Hamilton wore in The Wizard of Oz. He tries it on. Joe Negri visits, and he and Rogers view a videotape segment of Show 1002. Joe's neighbor, Mari Gardner, an acting student, arrives. Mr. Rogers videotape her as she acts out some nursery rhymes. The tape is for her director, Don Brockett. In the NOM, Handyman Negri reports to King Friday that they have tried 327 ways to remove the paint from the crystal ball. Lady Aberlin suggests asking Princess Margaret Witch how to remove the paint. Princess Maggie says she'll come tomorrow to help. Lady Elaine asks that she not be identified as the culprit. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Pretending, Everybody's Fancy, Good Feeling.