Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

PBS (ended 2001)





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  • Mister Rogers teaches children about values. He teaches them to love and respect themselves and others. These are lessons you can't buy.

    I love Mister Rogers because he's real and he does something that a lot of children's shows are afraid to do. He presents his true, honest self. He teaches children priceless values, using so many different things to do it: puppets, music, and the simple things like being polite to every single person he meets, regardless of who they are. He ends every episode by looking straight into the camera and telling his viewers that they are special because they are who they are. It's such a wonderful message, and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood provides a safe place for children and their families amidst all the trash on TV that rots away at kids' minds. By telling his viewers that they have value, and that the greatest success in life is being a good friend and neighbor to all around you, that there are healthy ways to deal with your feelings, that they have a fantastic outlet for healthy creative thinking and imagination and that they are loveable and capable of loving, he is providing them with a gift that can't be bought at a shopping mall. He is providing them with an armor of love that will last forever.
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