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  • I used to watch this show when I was growing up. It helped to make me the person that I am today. Thanks to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood -- I learned manners, good behavior and all of the other stuff that makes a well-rounded person.

    This show was a big part of my growing up years. Mr. Rogers was one of the best teachers that I had, in terms of learning how things worked, how to behave around other people, and that kind of thing. It's a true shame that there aren't that many good children's shows around anymore, besides Sesame Street. Kids don't really have that many good role models these days. My generation and the ones that came before, definitely had one in Fred Rogers. He was a good, hard-working individual who cared about how others felt.

    Most tv shows that are on the air today, only seem to care about making money and that kind of thing. Helping kids to learn, seems to be only secondary to them. They don't really care about kids' welfare like Mr. Rogers did.

    Television shows just don't have the same feeling to them that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood did. That feeling that you're wanted, that someone actually cared about how you felt, how you're doing and that kind of thing.

    He'd go on field trips every so often to different places, in order to show the audience how things are made. For example, I remember seeing one episode where he went to a utensil making factory. It was rather interesting, seeing how spoons are made, using two different molds and then pressing them together in order to make the spoon itself.

    Also he had guests on his show once in awhile, along with doing a puppet show with King Friday and the rest of the gang. It was fun growing up and watching this classic show. Hopefully parents will pass this wonderful show onto their own children, so they can experience the magic that was Fred Rogers, may he rest in peace. He will be forever missed by his many legions of fans.