Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

PBS (ended 2001)





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  • Mister Roger Neigberhood is a show for little kids where Fred Roger the host of this show talks to kids at home about many things. Like, Feelings, Family, Animals and much more stuff. And he would visit places and have a trolly that go to make believe lan

    Ever since I was a little kid, Before I go to school and after school I would watch Mister Roger. He would be a television friend to the viewer. I'll admit that he was a great televison friend. Kids can see what he dose and sing along with him. I always like when he came to bring something to show when he comes on. It's sad that he's no longer with us. But the show is still on as reruns. It's still a great show for little kids to watch. Parents can feel really safe having the kids watch this show. It's clean, no violants and no foewl languge. I think this show will continue in reruns with many more years to come.