Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - Season 10

PBS (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Neighborhood Opera
    Neighborhood Opera
    Episode 1471
    Mister Rogers asks storyteller Jay O'Callahan to tell the story of Bubble Trouble. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, opera star John Reardon offers to write a new opera. Daniel Tiger and François Clemmons talk about how people are different on the outside, but similar on the inside.
  • Bubbleland (5)
    Bubbleland (5)
    Episode 17
    The opera Windstorm in Bubbleland takes up the entire program. In it, a news team promises "There's never any trouble here in Bubbleland." What they don't know is that a windstorm is approaching. It's the by-product of a chemical company's aerosol spray. While all the residents are worried about their bubbles, Hildegarde Hummingbird strives to protect the people from the giant wind.moreless
  • Bubbleland (4)
    Bubbleland (4)
    Episode 16
    Mister Rogers visits a weather station and helps launch a weather balloon. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is named to play the Wind in the upcoming Bubbleland Opera.
  • Bubbleland (3)
    Bubbleland (3)
    Episode 15
    Rogers sees Chef Brockett's treats made from bananas. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the schoolchildren provide ideas for the upcoming opera.
  • Bubbleland (2)
    Bubbleland (2)
    Episode 14
    Rogers finds a bubble-making machine and a knitting machine at Bob Trow's workshop. Later on, Mr. McFeely shows a video of how people make sweaters in a factory. In between, Reardon visits the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Lady Aberlin decides she will be a sweater-maker for the upcoming opera.
  • Bubbleland (1)
    Bubbleland (1)
    Episode 13
    Guest Jay O'Callahan tells a story about a king trapped in an enormous soap bubble. When King Friday asks for a bubble that lasts, no one can help, until Reardon calls.
  • Superheroes (5)
    Superheroes (5)
    Episode 12
    Rogers remembers the day he operated a backhoe and a high-lift. At his bakery, Chef Brockett reveals how he makes tapioca pudding. Everyone in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe now hatches a plan to reveal that Purple Panda is the one playing to be a dinosaur.
  • Superheroes (4)
    Superheroes (4)
    Episode 11
    Rogers returns to the film studios to speak with Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby. Mr. McFeely shows his video of how Ferrigno in make-up to look like The Incredible Hulk. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, everyone discusses the dinosaur (Purple Panda in costume). Lady Aberlin wishes to prove that the dinosaur is not real.moreless
  • Superheroes (3)
    Superheroes (3)
    Episode 10
    Rogers visits Universal Studios to see Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno during a shoot of The Incredible Hulk. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe residents are still in awe of a dionsaur (who is really Purple Panda in disguise).
  • Superheroes (2)
    Superheroes (2)
    Episode 9
    Rogers brings model dinosaurs and takes viewers to a dinosaur hall at a natural history museum. Between these ventures, a dinosaur with a crown appears in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe–really a skeptical Purple Panda in costume. This is all part of Lady Elaine's ploy to scare the neighbors.
  • Superheroes (1)
    Superheroes (1)
    Episode 8
    In his first visit to Robert Trow's workshop since 1975, Rogers finds Trow making wooden blocks. He asks Rogers to use something "super" to use in his invention. Before leaving, Rogers watches Mr. McFeely's video clip of a dinosaur paintings. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe is full of scary talk. Prince Tuesday has been having bad dreams about a dinosaur wearing a crown. He tries to counter with a "super funnel."moreless
  • Mister Rogers Talks to Parents About Superheroes
    This panel program, recorded before a live audience previews the upcoming week of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood devoted to children's fears and beliefs. Includes footage of Rogers' talk with Bill Bixby about The Incredible Hulk.
  • Starting School (5)
    The new school at Someplace Else opens, with an inviting atmosphere for Ana, Prince, and Daniel. To finish his school lecture, Mister Rogers rides on a school bus.
  • Starting School (4)
    Rogers goes to Negri's Music Shop to have some pictures taken of him behind seaside-postcard illustrations of a pirate, a parrot, and a tiger. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe is about to see the school at Someplace Else open.
  • Starting School (3)
    Mister Rogers gets a beginner's drum lesson at Negri's Music Shop. He also discovers Mr. McFeely is learning to type, prompting an unusual quartet version of Everybody's Fancy. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Daniel tells Lady Aberlin his fears about starting school.
  • Starting School (2)
    Lady Elaine attempts to get the children of Make-Believe ready for school. Mister Rogers visits the neighborhood school again, this time learning from the first-grade teacher.
  • Starting School (1)
    Mister Rogers takes his television neighbors to a kindergarten classroom at the local school. Prior to beginning Make-Believe, he disguises the Trolley as a school bus with a cardboard cover. The Trolley enters the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with a convincing school bus disguise, arousing everyone's attention. It gets to the point where King Friday decrees that a school shall be built in the neighborhood within three days. After scouting four locations, Lady Aberlin and Handyman Negri decide that the school should be built at Someplace Else. Harriet has agreed to be the teacher for Ana, Daniel, and Prince Tuesday.moreless
  • Mister Rogers Talks with Parents About School
    On the eve of Mister Rogers' new era, Rogers is one of a handful of panelists who discuss easing the fear children have about starting school.