Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - Season 11

PBS (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Play (3)
    Play (3)
    Episode 15
    In defiance of King Friday's rule, the schoolchildren set up a play area at the point where the Museum-Go-Round used to be. Prince Tuesday challenges King Friday up front about the no-play rule.
  • Play (1)
    Play (1)
    Episode 13
    Bob Dog volunteers to get a ball stuck in the Tree, but he falls and hurts his leg. When King Friday hears of the accident, he bans play from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
  • Play (5)
    Play (5)
    Episode 17
    Rogers walks stilts outside his porch. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Bob Dog and Purple Panda volunteer to talk Lady Elaine to bring the Museum-Go-Round and herself back.
  • Competition (5)
    Competition (5)
    Episode 12
    Mister Rogers wants to create a rainbow, but he needs Mr. McFeely's help. King Friday XIII selects the winner of the "Draw the Neighborhood" contest.
  • Play (4)
    Play (4)
    Episode 16
    King Friday realizes just how important play is and repeals the rule, much to everyone's delight. All they need is to inform Lady Elaine.
  • Play (2)
    Play (2)
    Episode 14
    Lady Elaine is so incensed with King Friday's no-play rule that she moves herself and the Museum-Go-Round to another neighborhood.
  • Competition (1)
    Competition (1)
    Episode 8
    King Friday decrees a "Draw the Neighborhood Contest," something which Lady Elaine wants to win.
  • Competition (3)
    Competition (3)
    Episode 10
    After reflecting on his discussion with Andrew Wyeth, Rogers helps to console Chef Brockett. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe welcomes Big Bird, who enters his drawing for the Draw the Neighborhood Contest.
  • Competition (4)
    Competition (4)
    Episode 11
    Rogers meets Lynn Swann at a dance class. Swann enters in his Pittsburgh Steeler uniform, then changes into something more suitable for a dance lesson. as the Neighborhood of Make-Believe Drawing Contest nears an end, Lady Aberlin discovers that Ana has drawn a picture of the Neighborhood and all its neighbors.moreless
  • Divorce (3)
    Episode 4
    Rogers recalls the day he test-drove an electric car. Later he meets a boy in a wheelchair, who describes some of his physical handicaps. In between, the Neighborhood of Make-Believe continues its all-out search for Prince Tuesday. When found, he has a mix of emotions.
  • Divorce (5)
    Divorce (5)
    Episode 6
    Rogers wears a false-face to show that he is still himself inside. In Make-Believe, the Royal Electric Plane-Car arrives via a clown courier. Behind that mask is Chuck Aber, who has been divorced and doesn't see much of his children. Thus, Prince Tuesday can relate to Aber's feelings. Corny reveals his secret: he is now making rocking-chair-shaped pretzels. Mister Rogers concludes his visit by showing viewers the ins and outs of an airplane.moreless
  • Divorce (4)
    Divorce (4)
    Episode 5
    Joe Negri shows Rogers a rack of musical instruments that have either been repaired or are in need in repair. They meet Earl Grollman, a counselor who has written a book on divorce for children. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday finally shares his emotions with his family.
  • Divorce (2)
    Divorce (2)
    Episode 3
    Rogers visits a bakery to see people making pretzels. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the King and Queen squabble about buying a new plane. It upsets Prince Tuesday to the boiling point.
  • Competition (2)
    Episode 9
    Mister Rogers visits an art museum to look carefully at various genres of paintings. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Henrietta Pussycat is upset when she hears Big Bird will visit X the Owl.
  • Divorce (1)
    Divorce (1)
    Episode 2
    Mr. McFeely relives memories of his wedding. Previewing the Neighborhood of Make-Believe storyline, Prince Tuesday befriends a girl whose parents are divorced.
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Divorce (#1476) The McFeely's Wedding
    Mister Rogers talks about divorce in a gentle and compassionate way as he reassures children that most parents get angry and argue sometimes, but that arguments do not mean that parents are going to get a divorce. And even if parents do decide to get a divorce, it is not the children's fault. In a flashback sequence, we see Mr. and Mrs. McFeely's beautiful wedding ceremony with all their friends and neighbors. In the Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday meets a new friend whose parents are divorced. Includes the song "Please Don't Think It's Funny".moreless
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Divorce (#1477) How People Make Pretzels
    Mister Rogers takes a field trip to a pretzel factory to see how people make pretzels. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday overhears his parents arguing, and he is afraid the argument is his fault. Mischievous Lady Elaine implies that maybe the King and Queen are thinking about getting a divorce, so a very worried Prince Tuesday runs away to the home of his friend Daniel Tiger. Includes the songs "Look and Listen" and "I Like to Take My Time".moreless
  • Competition (#1485) A "Draw the Neighborhood" Art Contest
    In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, with great fanfare, King Friday announces the winner of the "Draw The Neighborhood" contest and awards a very unusual prize - and one that can be given to everyone -- it's a rainbow! Mister Rogers shows a video of how real gold is processed. He talks about feelings of winning and losing and how the "doing" is the real fun of the contest. Includes the song "What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel?".moreless
  • Mister Rogers Talks to Parents About Competition
    Rogers is part of a panel discussion before an audience of parents discussing combative attitudes.
  • Mister Rogers Talks to Parents About Divorce
    Rogers is again part of a panel discussion, fielding questions from parents.
  • A Visit With a Boy in a Wheelchair
    Mister Rogers visits with Jeff Erlanger, a young boy who used an electric wheelchair.
  • The McFeely Wedding and Talking About Divorce
    During this week, Mister Rogers deals with divorce in a gentle and compassionate way. Mister Rogers reassures his viewers that most parents get angry and quarrel sometimes and that arguments do not have to mean that parents are going to get a divorce. In a flashback sequence, Mr. McFeely reminisces about his wedding.moreless