Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - Season 16

PBS (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Celebrations With Wynton Marsali
    Celebrations are special times. Human beings have unique ways of celebrating events that are important to us. Sometimes we like to have people celebrate with us, but other times our celebrations are more private.
  • Celebrations (#1561) How People Make Trumpets
    Lots of trumpets in the Neighborhood today. Mister Rogers has a toy trumpet and Mr. McFeely a real one, and he visits a trumpet factory to see how people make trumpets. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, there's a visiting trumpeter to celebrate the arrival of a comet that King Friday wants to claim as his own. With great fanfare he decrees a week of celebrating. But Henrietta Pussycat isn't feeling like celebrating, even though it's almost time for her birthday. Includes the song "A Handy Lady and a Handy Man".moreless
  • Celebrations (5)
    Celebrations (5)
    Episode 15
    It's time for the opera A Star for Kitty, in which a kitten wishes on a half-moon and has a vivid dream about the night sky.
  • Celebrations (4)
    Celebrations (4)
    Episode 14
    Friday's Comet arrives in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, bearing a note that neither King Friday nor anyone else will forget. They all go to the Museum-Go-Round for Henrietta's surprise birthday party.
  • Celebrations (3)
    Celebrations (3)
    Episode 13
    Rogers hears Wynton Marsalis at Negri's Music Shop. It's nighttime in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and Lady Elaine is planning to disprove the talk that the upcoming comet is Friday's.
  • Celebrations (2)
    Celebrations (2)
    Episode 12
    Rogers visits a planetarium. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday intensifies the imposed celebrations for the imminent arrival of Friday's Comet.
  • Celebrations (1)
    Celebrations (1)
    Episode 11
    King Friday wants everyone to celebrate the imminent arrival of Friday's Comet. For her part, Lady Elaine is busy planning a surprise birthday party for a dour Henrietta.
  • Making and Creating (5)
    Mister Rogers takes viewers to the construction site of a playground that both children and adults designed. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the horse-covered rocking chair must stop flying around, but only someone who is brave and doesn't know it, can coax it down.
  • Making and Creating (4)
    Rogers shows a kitten and talks with two poets on his porch. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chuck Aber fools the Royal family with his King Friday cover.
  • Making and Creating (3)
    Mr. McFeely demonstrates a new chair for Rogers and shows a video on how people make rocking horses. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine accepts covers from neighbors in Westwood and Southwood. One exhibit not in her Museum-Go-Round is the rocking chair with the horse cover, which is flying above the Tree.moreless
  • Making and Creating (2)
    Eva Kwong and her grandmother make dumplings at Brockett's Bakery. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Corny contributes a rocking chair with a horse cover for Lady Elaine's exhibit, but the chair flies away.
  • Making and Creating (1)
    Rogers plays at his sand table. Later he and Mr. McFeely go to a miniature golf course. In between, Lady Elaine inspires the Neighborhood of Make-Believe by putting a car cover on the Trolley. This inspires everyone to make covers for a Museum-Go-Round exhibit.
  • Families (5)
    Families (5)
    Episode 5
    Mister Rogers goes behind the scenes at the Penguin Encounter. Daniel is tentative about attending the cousins' reunion.
  • Families (4)
    Episode 4
    Robert Trow shows two puppies in Rogers' yard and delivers a film of different families in the neighborhood. With the Neighborhood of Make-Believe's cousin reunion nearing, Bob Dog and Ana Platypus adopt each other as cousins.
  • Families (3)
    Episode 3
    Rogers visits a girl's check-up at a pediatrician's office. During Make-Believe, Betty and James Michael Jones name their adopted daughter Carrie Dell.
  • Families (2)
    Families (2)
    Episode 2
    Before Cousin Mary arrives, X the Owl and Lady Aberlin go to Southwood to discover that Betty and James Michael Jones have adopted a daughter.
  • Families (1)
    Families (1)
    Episode 1
    Most of this show is devoted to oranges. Mister Rogers plants an orange seed and, with Mr. McFeely, shows a sequence on how orange juice is made. Rogers then drops by Brockett's Bakery, which has a sales display of several soy foods. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe sees more of the same, as Lady Aberlin distributes orange juice to the neighbors. But the tempo of the week changes when she and X the Owl learn that Cousin Mary Owl will arrive the next day.moreless