Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - Season 19

PBS (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe (5)
    Josephine feels that the school's Attractive, Active Animals class is not helping her, especially because Sam Snake has finally learned how to hiss. Hazel tells J.R. Giraffe to give Josephine words of encouragement. In the process, both J.R. and Josephine accept themselves, and each other, for who they are.
  • Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe (4)
    In Part Two of "Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe," Josephine and Hazel go to school, where they meet all sorts of other animals. Among the classmates are a shy giraffe and a snake that doesn't know how to hiss. Josephine attends the "Attractive Active Animals" class.
  • Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe (3)
    "Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe" begins with the melancholy Josephine yearning to grow a longer neck. Her friend, Hazel the Elephant, had told her to wish at the same spot for the past year, but nothing happened. Now Hazel tries to talk Josephine to attend the nearby school.
  • Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe (2)
    Mister Rogers watches a roll of film develop at a film lab. The newly-arrived Princess Zelda recruits the Neighborhood of Make-Believe residents to appear in the upcoming play.
  • Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe (1)
    Mister Rogers and Mr. McFeely get a glimpse of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, with Dr. Joan Embery as Rogers' guide. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the unseen Princess Zelda is preparing a play about a giraffe with a short neck.
  • Fun & Games (5)
    Fun & Games (5)
    Episode 10
    Mister Rogers talks about games he played with his grandparents. Later, he and Mr. McFeely go to a bowling alley. In the Neighborhood-of-Make-Believe, Lady Elaine bends the rules during a game of hide-and-seek.
  • Fun & Games (4)
    Fun & Games (4)
    Episode 9
    After showing a new board game based on the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mister Rogers gets a visit from Suzie McConnell, an expert basketball player-teacher. Mr. McFeely shows a video of Dance Alloy, with dancers gliding along huge rubber balls. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe team rounds itself out, with Henrietta Pussycat and X the Owl joining King Friday, Lady Aberlin, Bob Dog, Prince Tuesday, Ana Platypus, Daniel Tiger and Randy S. Caribou.moreless
  • Fun & Games (3)
    Episode 8
    Rogers shows off an assortment of baskets, most of which Mr. McFeely brought. Both men visit the Special Olympics tryouts at the nearby school gymnasium. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin and Bob Dog invite King Friday XIII to go 'round the mulberry bush.
  • Fun & Games (2)
    Fun & Games (2)
    Episode 7
    Mister Rogers brings with him a clay figurine of Randy S. Caribou, and puts him within the Neighborhood of Make-Believe models. Joining the Randy figurine are clay figurines of several other Make-Believe puppet characters. Later in the program, Mister Rogers watches a team of kids playing soccer. When the Make-Believe adventure starts, Randy plays hide-and-seek with the Trolley, but soon puts himself in a sticky situation when he accidentally squashes a cake made to look like a soccer ball.moreless
  • Fun & Games (1)
    Fun & Games (1)
    Episode 6
    Rogers listens to folk singers Andy Holiner and Alice Johnson. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, several residents decide to wear hats for fun. Then along comes Randy S. Caribou, who can wear all the hats at once.
  • Secrets (5)
    Secrets (5)
    Episode 5
    Rogers writes a message in invisible ink. Mr. McFeely shows a videotape of how people make suitcases. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chuck Aber must inform Lady Elaine that he had no plans to marry her, but he does have some good news. Back at the television house, Rogers finds a message that leads him outside, where several neighbors hold a birthday party for him.moreless
  • Secrets (4)
    Secrets (4)
    Episode 4
    Rogers meets with Crist Delmonico, a blind painter. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine is about to tell all that she and Chuck Aber will get married. The news surprises everyone—Aber most of all.
  • Secrets (3)
    Secrets (3)
    Episode 3
    Mr. McFeely shows a videotape of his visit with sculptor Allen Dwight. He carves a marble structure, which McFeely gives to Rogers. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine tells Lady Aberlin her secret.
  • Secrets (2)
    Secrets (2)
    Episode 2
    Rogers follows clues in a treasure hunt, the end of which leads to a balloon artist. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chuck Aber gives a balloon ring to Lady Elaine. She is overcome with the suggestion that Aber has proposed to her.
  • Secrets (1)
    Secrets (1)
    Episode 1
    Rogers and Mr. McFeely visit a house built into the side of a wall. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe gets word that Westwood is building a sandbox.