Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 19 Episode 4

Secrets (4)

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1988 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers plays the piano with his eyes closed to show he can feel all the right keys. Then he goes to the kitchen to draw without looking. He calls a blind artist, called Crist Delmonico, who invites Rogers to his studio. Crist says he thinks about how his art feels. He lets Rogers stick a clear-plastic circle on a drawing Crist has been working on. Rogers draws yellow streaks around the circle, which Crist then peels off. Crist also shows that a change of feelings can be expressed in art. After they draw, Crist lets Rogers see slides of his artwork. Crist gives Rogers the drawing they were working on. Back at his television house, Rogers makes a tape-recorded thank-you note for Crist. In the NOM, King Friday announces his secret, which requires a fanfare and skyscroll. Miss Paulifficate grabs the skyscroll for King Friday to read. Queen Ida is visiting the NOM. It surprises Lady Elaine. Miss Paulifficate is about to contact someone at Westwood when Queen Ida arrives. She says she has heard of a dancing Miss Paulifficate, and while she dances (with X the Owl) to Queen Ida's accordion, Lady Elaine makes the call. Chuck Aber arrives, and is thrilled to see Queen Ida. She performs Sometimes Isn't Always. Trolley shows up just in time for Lady Elaine's announcement. Because Chuck Aber had given her a balloon ring, Lady Elaine says they will be wed at the next full moon. It stuns Chuck Aber. Back at the television house, Rogers says children don't grow up to marry their mothers or fathers. He says that you don't have to keep a secret that makes you feel bad. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Sometimes Isn't Always, The Truth Will Make You Free, Good Feeling.
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