Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 19 Episode 4

Secrets (4)

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1988 on PBS

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  • This was an incredible Mr. Roger's show with the late great blind artist Crist Delmonico. Crist was one of the greatest abstact artists of our time. The fact that he had no eye-sight was simply a testament to his greatness.

    One of Mr Roger's best shows ever! This episode is a classic in that it showed Mr. Rogers compassion and reconition for talent. Crist Delmonico's art has still not been discovered yet by the world of art lovers but this show may very well go down in history one day when abstract art lovers discover Crist's master pieces. One day Crist will be reconized for how great his art was and is. He is one of the greatest abstact artists ever and his creations came from depp within. God bless you Crist and Mr. Rogers for acknowledging this amazingly gifted artist.

    This Mr. Roger's episode is the only video recording of the late great Crist Delmonico caught on screen. I highly recommend one sees it if at all possible.