Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 27 Episode 2

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Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1997 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers displays a horse Leonard Streckfus constructed from found objects. He looks at the horse carefully, examining what objects made it up. Mr. McFeely calls Rogers to discuss a book before Rogers visits Streckfus at his barn/workshop. They observe the other sculptures made from found objects (dog made from broken chairs and a fan stand, elephant made from inner tube and fire hose). Streckfus shows what he could make from other found objects: a bicycle seat inspires him to create a lion's head. Back at his television house, Rogers decides to make a horse out of found objects. In the NOM, Prince Tuesday startles Mayor Maggie with his lion costume. He needs to be more brave in search for the King's crown (and sings a song about it). Chuck Aber reports that the Westwood town sign has also gone missing. He quickly finds it at the Museum-Go-Round. Lady Elaine has nailed it there for an upcoming "found" objects exhibit. But she has taken things without asking. Tuesday, dressed as a lion, asks Lady Elaine if she has the King's crown. She won't tell. She also lifts the Westwood town sign from the Museum. Back at the television house, Rogers reads the picture book Loving by Ann Morris. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Look and Listen, Find the Crown, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (the reading way), Good Feeling.