Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 1 Episode 103

Show 103

Aired Unknown Jul 10, 1968 on PBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Rogers shows how he would play with his toys in bed when he was ill as a child. He reads "The Land of Counterpane", a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Betty Aberlin comes by on roller skates with a pair for Mr. Rogers. They skate together. She also has a pair for Tad Frogg. In the NOM, Tad is feeling much better, but his mother wants him to play at the fountain for a few days. He would like to roller skate, so he and Lady Aberlin pretend to skate at the fountain. X joins their game. He doesn't know how to skate because he flies. Henrietta no longer skates; now she climbs. When Lady Aberlin goes to show King Friday her skates, she is told that he and Sara Saturday are in the R Room listening to records. Edgar Cooke suggests that she knock before entering the R Room. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Let's Be Together Today, Tomorrow.

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