Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 2 Episode 31

Show 1031

Aired Unknown Mar 24, 1969 on PBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Rogers plays a matching game, fitting pictures of the neighbors into frames of various sizes and shapes. In the NOM, Joe Negri tells X, Henrietta, and Lady Elaine to come to the Castle to receive a present from the King and Queen for each of them. The present is a moving frame that will give a ride to whomever holds onto it. Lady Elaine wants to keep it to herself. Handyman Negri explains she must take turns. Henrietta is frightened at first, but overcomes her fear. The frame in Handyman Negri's size doesn't move by itself-he must move it. Lady Elaine suggests planning a carnival for Friday. Back with Mr. Rogers, he shows a film of himself as a baby and young child. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Children Can, Tomorrow.