Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 3 Episode 53

Show 1118

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1970 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings discarded pieces of wood to build with and gets a splinter, which he removes. He talks about how all children have accidents and worries. He uses sand paper to smooth the wood into blocks. Bob Trow brings a wood silhouette of the castle, which they finish as a present for the new prince. In the NOM, many people are bringing gifts. A native American brings an Indian headdress for the prince. An African king brings a carved doll. Two Oriental visitors bring gifts. Lady Elaine tries to take some of the baby's gifts for the museum. She says she is "better" than the baby and deserves the gifts. Lady Aberlin explains that Lady Elaine is older and better able to deal with her feelings of jealousy. Joey Hollingsworth arrives with a gift for the baby and a gift for Lady Elaine and the other neighbors. Lady Elaine is happy to get a gift that is just for her. Back with Mr. Rogers, Bob Trow plays two sanders like a musical instrument. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, A Lonely Kind Of Thing, Tomorrow.