Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 1 Episode 123

Show 123

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 1968 on PBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Rogers enters carrying a plastic pan and a tote bag; inside of both are some light bulbs. He shows us many different light bulbs and explains that some bulbs have filaments inside and some have gases inside that make them light up. He explains how different bulbs fit into different lamps depending upon the size of both. He shows us a burned out bulb. He feeds the fish. Scientist Alder stops by and shows us some different flashlights and the batteries that make them work. He is on his way to the NOM to deliver some batteries to Joey Hollingsworth. In the NOM, X the Owl and Henrietta are at the tree talking about what X's gift from Joey Hollingsworth might be. Scientist Alder arrives and shows them the batteries that will go into the gift, and then he goes to the factory and gives the batteries to Joey. Joey goes over to the tree and gives X his gift; it is a flashlight. X and Henrietta are both thrilled with the flashlight, and, after Joey shows him how it works, X takes it down into his tree to look at the roots. Joey tells Henrietta that he really likes how she was so happy for X about his gift and how she never even thought that she might get one too. Joey gives Henrietta a hat and she loves it. At the castle, Lady Elaine is telling Lady Aberlin about the gifts that Joey is giving to everyone. Lady Elaine says she would like to have a fancy hat; Lady Aberlin says that most people like a lot of things, but that nobody gets everything. Joey arrives with a gift for Lady Elaine; it is a miniature lighthouse that is also a flashlight. Lady Elaine says she likes the gift, and then she quickly goes into the castle with the lighthouse and its wrappings. Lady Elaine comes back with the lighthouse tied onto her head with the ribbon; she says that now, she has a lighthouse, a flashlight, and a hat as well. Joey tells Lady Aberlin that he is going to do a dance tomorrow as a gift for her, King Friday and Sara Saturday. Back in Mr. Rogers' house Mr. Rogers explains what a lighthouse is and shows us a short film of a real lighthouse. He says that it is dangerous [for children] to unscrew light bulbs that are in lamps in the house. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Everybody's Fancy, Irish Dance Music, Tomorrow.

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