Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 1 Episode 125

Show 125

Aired Unknown Aug 09, 1968 on PBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Rogers enters carrying a punching bag; he sets the bag up and pumps it up. He punches the bag barehanded and then with boxing gloves. He says that some people punch a bag when they are angry, and some people box with friends; he points out that it is important to know the rules when you box. He says that it is scary to express your anger for too long, but that usually, you know exactly when to stop. In the NOM, there is a secret surprise for Joey Hollingsworth. Handyman Negri stops by at X the Owl's tree and shows X a picture of the castle that he made; he then goes to the Museum-Go-Round where Mrs. Frogg gives him a hole puncher, and he punches two holes into the side of the picture. When Handyman Negri passes the factory, Joey is there; Joey wants to help with Handyman Negri's project, but Handyman Negri says that it is a top-secret surprise. Joey says that everything is a secret today. He goes to the tree and asks X and Henrietta to please tell him what the secret is since he needs to leave the NOM soon. They each give Joey a hint, but he still does not figure out the secret; X almost gives it away. Joey goes back to the factory where Handyman Negri hurries by; Corny comes out and he and Joey talk about Joey's trip and rocking chair sales. Handyman Negri arrives and tells Corny that he is wanted in the 'P' room ('P' is for 'present') of the castle, and then he takes Joey to the 'P' room. In the 'P' room, King Friday, Sara Saturday, Daniel, X, and Henrietta are waiting; when Joey and Handyman Negri get there, they give Joey a homemade book of pictures made by people in the NOM. Joey loves the book; he does a 'Thank you' dance for them. Back in Mr. Rogers' house, Mr. Rogers says that most of us like to be told. He says that there are some secrets that a whole family can know, but there are other secrets that only two people can know. He says that books have information that everyone can know. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?, Secret Surprises, I Like To Be Told, "Thank You" Dance Music, You're Growing, Tomorrow.

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