Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 10 Episode 5

Starting School (4)

Aired Unknown Aug 23, 1979 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shows pictures of neighbors Mr. McFeely, Audrey "Cleans Everything" Roth, François Clemmons, Chef Brockett, Elsie Neal (her only mention after 1975) and Joe Negri. "Even though you might not have seen somebody for a while, a picture can help you to remember that person." Rogers does his paradiddle lesson before he visits Negri's Music Shop again. Negri is ready to set up a seaside-picture display with drawings of a parrot, a pirate, and a tiger. Rogers helps Negri set these props up. Once the set-up is complete, Rogers stands in the hole in the pirate's face, ready for Negri to take a picture. He repeats the picture-taking with Rogers in the parrot face cut-out and the tiger face cut-out. It's an incredibly busy week for Negri's Music Shop. In the main room, a man is giving lessons on playing the saw.
In the NOM, the Royal Family discusses the new School at Someplace Else. King Friday finds that new schools are using green blackboards. Prince Tuesday is pleased with going to school, and he is pleased with his pencil box with a pirate on it. Ana is ready for school-she has a pencil box with a parrot on it. Both Ana and Prince ride the Trolley School Bus to Someplace Else.
The School is not quite finished as Ana and Prince arrive. They talk about the words "pirate" and "parrot" sounding alike. Harriet invites Ana and Prince to watch the completion of the School. Lady Aberlin goes back to NOM to collect Daniel. At the Clock, she sees only his pencil box with the tiger on it. Daniel is reluctant to go to the new school. "They probably know everything and I don't," says Daniel. Lady Aberlin tells Daniel what is really taking place at the School. Told the truth, Daniel takes his truck to School with him. Back at Someplace Else, Daniel shows how his truck works (Lady Aberlin demonstrates by dumping his pencil box). Handyman Negri takes a picture of the entire school.
Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely delivers the photos of Rogers as a pirate, a parrot and a tiger. He also shows the photos of himself as a pirate, a parrot and a tiger.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Did You Know That It's All Right To Wonder?, Good Feeling.