Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 10 Episode 11

Superheroes (4)

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1980 on PBS



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    • Prince Tuesday: Well, I was playing in the garden near my wall and I saw it. I mean, I really saw it. I wasn't sleeping and I wasn't daydreaming. Oh, Daddy, I really saw it.
      King Friday: And what was it you saw?
      Prince Tuesday: I told you. A real big dinosaur.
      King Friday: Now, son, I've told you over and over that dinosaurs are extinct. They are finished.
      Prince Tuesday: I know.

  • Notes

    • Credits for three programs of the week made sure to give Marvel Comics the acknowledgment they had lacked on The Electric Company. When that program aired on PBS, Stan Lee never got credited for lending his Spider-Man character to the Children's Television workshop. Family Communications Inc. knew better, displaying this caption:
      The Incredible Hulk television series is the property of Universal City Studios, Inc. Copyright © 1979. All rights reserved.
      The Incredible Hulk character is the property of Marvel Comics Group, a division of Cadence Industries Corp. Copyright © 1979. All rights reserved.

    • Rogers was careful to identify Bixby's character on The Incredible Hulk simply as "Dr. Banner." Only on the CBS series was The Incredible Hulk's alter ego named David Banner. In all other forms of The Incredible Hulk—comic books, NBC cartoon series, film—he was Bruce Banner.

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